Mammal Skulls at the Laona Library

John Lester a retired forestry Technician for the USDA Forest Service stumbled upon his collection of skulls over the past 30 years of forestry work.  John’s job mainly had him looking up at timber and not at the ground.  Every once in a while when looking around he’d find a skeleton of an animal.  Over the years the collection has traveled around, mainly to schools for education purposes.  The skulls on display include: an otter, fisher, coyote, cow, deer, raccoon, mountain lion, elk and beaver.  His display has already been a huge hit with the students of the Laona School.  Everyone is welcome to come in and take the challenge to try to figure out which skull belongs to which animal.  John also has other unique forestry related items that he will be sharing with the library in the months ahead.  The skulls will be on display for the month of March.  If you have a collection, hobby, or interest that you would like to share with others, you are welcome to display them at the library for the public to view.

Please contact Ruby Westimayer at 715-674-2008 for more information.